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I need 3 Sharks!

Can they be repeats ...

huh Scott huh ?? :D


Would like to help you out but...................only have a couple of good pictures and none of the motor or interior. Other then that, I would qualify with the POTOGLD. LOLOLOL as for knowing anything else.............well.............I only know when there is a problem and then it better get fixed in a hurry. hehehehehehe

Hope you find you 3 sharks.

Bud, Bud, Bud.....well, there's nothing in the rules about not sending more so I guess you could, I'd probably get some unflattering emails though. Last year some dufus wrote and told me to stop having so many 80-82's listed...I told him not so politely that I post them as I get them, of course he wasn't very diplomatic either and I never heard back so I think I made my point. :D

Bev- as long as you can send me at least 3 good pics and a story that's all I need, don't have to have interior/motor pics. I just ask up front so I don't get the same picture with 3 different names. You'd be amazed at the lack of gray matter some people have that send me email.

I have already deleted one email today, the "adult" who sent it FAILED to read as directed and just sent a note that said "Here it is" with a link to his web site.......I love my delete button!
Seriously now...

Hey gang we have some really nice C3's on CACC.. Barb.. what about your BB.

I'm having a senior moment here.. darn CRS.. I can't think of others... shucks.. :(

The Shark Tank has the Shark of the Year, which we all get to Vote on.. (Drives Scott crazy too.. :D) So come on CACC members lets support one of our own here.. even if the final vote is done in Florida.. ;)

I would like to submit my shark, but how do i do it?? I went to the site and did not see how to submit any photos!!
Oh I think the Nut deserves some attention. At least I was the CAC's 1st. Feature car. :D ....." I got that going for me......which is nice."

....... Nut
Re: Seriously now...

Rare81 said:
Hey gang we have some really nice C3's on CACC.. Barb.. what about your BB.


Thanks for the compliment Bud! I shined her up on Saturday and took some pics, so I'll submit them and see what happens...

Barb :w
C3 Shark Tank

Guys & Gals, send in those pictures with your story. I won a very nice shirt last year from the Shark Tank. Thanks Scott........

OF course you won!!! You win all the good stuff Mel!!!:w :)



I still have your vette as my wallpaper on my screen. I Love it!:crazy

Thanks... Those kind of compliments are better
than winning any car show.

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