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I need to get a copy of somebodys scan sheet so I.....


Da Hawaiian Punch

Can burn it on my chip in order for me to have a closer tune to start off with on my engine, your prob asking your self "why not just start from the begining like all of us" well because we have no local chip burner/tuner here in the islands so that would mean that I'd have to send the chip accross the ocean several times untill I finally have the right one for my set up, so I figured that if I can find somebody here on the forum who has a simular set up like my self, he can send me his data, I can have a friend of mine loadit down on the burner and we'd be that much closer to what I'd prob need instead of going form scratch.

I reallly hope this makes sense to all of you reading this here.
My mod's are as follows:

Ported intake, plenum and saiamesed runner's, 1.6 rollers, dual straight pipes out the back with no cat's and mufflers, Breathless cold air intake & K&N filter, relocated air temp sensor, MSD box, I'm putting in a hot cam in 2 week's, 525 lift both int and exh, 218/intake, 228/exh- @050 lobe sep 112, 3.07 gears with 18 inch tires in back, no air pump.

I do plan on putting in a 3.55? 3.45? something like that in the car later on in a few months or so and a LT-1 intake, but dont worry about that just yet. I also plan on putting on a 52 mm throttlebody very soon.

I needed the code 32 deleted and the knock sensors deleted as well for the gear drive I'm putting on.

Can some body out there help me out her please? all I need is a print out of the specs and we can change them on the chip, then burn it here, that way I'll have a better base number to start off with istead of sending a chip back and forth from Hawaii, to where ever on the mainland several times till it's finaly correct.

Much Mahalos for letting me take up some of your precious time by reading this post. :cheers:


Gone but not forgotten
Jan 30, 2001
Hermosa Beach, CA
1987 Z51 Silver Coupe
Mahalo backatcha! :cool

It probably won't do you any good Punch, but if you wanna check out my project page, I've scanned my dyno runs as well as some of the windows I've got to work with in my engine management system. Go HERE, then click the 07-04-04 update link (The date's only an anchor, otherwise I'd link you directly there. ;)). :v

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