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I think I found a 91 :)


Sal Collaziano

So. Now what? I know, I would have loved a 92, but that just didn't happen. It looks as if I will be driving to Florida to trade my car for a red 91 Corvette. Finally! Now, what's my first step to improve performance? (am I jinxing myself here?) I know the 91 is about 100 pounds lighter. It has 20 more foot pounds of torque. And it has 50 less horsepower.. So, my advantage here is torque. I would imagine I should work on that first. Right? Well, if there is anything else I should do, please let me know. I'm not the most technical car guy here - but maybe I'll have to start learning. In fact, I really do want to.
Just a thought from someone who started out conservative with the Vette. You're going to drive that car 1000mi to get it home. So that will be a good test of its road worthiness. Pay attention to it on the drive home. When you get it home have a mechanic you trust go through it. Do all the basic stuff. New filters, plugs, wires, oil change etc... Fix whatever is not right with the car until it is solid and you trust it. If it needs new rubber the tires will set you back some. Get a good set. Just because the car lives in Florida doesn't mean it doesn't suffer one of New England's problems, salt... There's a lot of ocean down there. Check the undercarriage and exhaust. If the exhaust is poor then replace it with an aftermarket one. You'll get more power and solve a problem. If the shocks are flat then replace them with a new set of Bilsteins. Then I'd go after the simple bolt-on type. K&N filter and open the air filter box if it is like the 92. Try a HyperTech chip for the ECM. Small improvements at a reasonable price.
Remember, if the car won't start and run right all the hypo parts you put on don't mean much...

I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have enjoyed mine. I'm prejudiced, but I realy like the 91! :D

Have a nice trip back. I just went to Carlisle PA and back with mine and loved every minute of it. Cruised at 70 -72 and got better than 28 mpg.

My $0.02
Cool. Good gas mileage. :) I AM anxious so I hope this all goes well. I think I should have the car in about 2 weeks. Let's see what happens...
Where abouts in Florida are you picking up the car?
Not sure yet. I'll let you know when I find out for sure...

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