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Ignition Shields & Air Intake



Does anyone have any information on where I can purchast the ignition shields (distributor & spark plug wires) plus the air intake piece that mounts over the radiator for a '78 L-82.

Appreciate your help.

Check the Eckler's catalog. I think they have all of the parts you seek. www.ecklers.com

The only thing to be careful of, as I understand, is that aftermarket reproductions don't always use the same kind of rivets as OEM shields. If NCRS judging is your goal, you're better off to try to locate an old one.

My car didn't (and doesn't) have an ignition shield, so I've been looking around for a while. I don't intend to go NCRS but I can't bring myself to spend as much money as the aftermarket reproductions cost so I keep hoping I'll stumble across a used set for a reasonable cost at a flea market.

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