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I'm thinking an O2 issue....


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Mar 24, 2017
Fayetteville, NC
2014 Black Stingray Covertabile
Good afternoon everyone. Been a while, but just as I was thinking "yeah, I should go check out the Corvette Action Center this coming weekend", my car forced my hand. I've a 2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible w/an automatic tranny. Got up, drove to work, no probs. Got a desire for some lunch, it's cold here, so I remote-started it as I was walking to it.. heard it sounding like it had issues staying at a single RPM. Got in and as I took off the parking brake and shifted into drive, it sputtered, kicked out a small amount of white smoke and died. Sounded "clunky" underneath, almost like the tranny, but I wasn't sure. Turned it off. Fired it back up, started just fine, but soon started sputtering and dying. Got it going and it staying running long enough to get it back into the parking spot so that I wasn't blocking people at work. (I work on a restricted compound on a military base, so getting a tow is extremely rough). Called a fellow Vette owner who headed up.. As I was waiting, fired it up again. This time, as it died, is gave it a bit more gas and it revved to over 2k RPM and stuck there. Turned it off and he arrive with his AutoScanner. 4 codes: P0171, P0174, P2097 and P2099 came up.. As many of you know, first two are fuel system too lean and the last are fuel system too rich.. SO.. cleared the codes and babied it to get it home as all the local shops can't see me until late next week..

My questions are simple.. Like my friend and I feel, do you agree it's the O2 sensors? If not, what could it be? And secondly, can I fix it this weekend (allowing for getting the parts) on my own or should I pay the $500+ that I assume it will cost, if not more? I have done a fair amount of work on cars over the years, but not a lot on this vehicle, so I'd love to have the input of you folks that know and love Vettes and have WAY more experience than I. Thanks in advance everyone.


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