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In a corvette with her.


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Nov 6, 2020
United states
I always find my self playing this thought in my head recently. I imagine myself owning a corvette C7. I would often take it out and go on a drive in the after noon with my future wife, As the roads got less busy as the hours passed. When I had the chance I would ask "Do you want to go fast?" No matter the answer I would launch the car anyways, having fun, and without a care in the world. As if the world stopped. At the end of it all we would watch the sunset with the windows down as the song "as the world caves in" plays. The warm would feel nice as it does every year. When the song ended. That would be my queue to head back home.

I dont know why I shared this. Maybe I shouldnt have or maybe I should have.
And with every post I make ill ask a question at the end.
Do you like the C7 or C8 more and why?
Can you relate to this scenario as well.
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