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Hey guys and gals,
I'm new to the community and new to a 1976 corvette.
Finishing up the paperwork and driving it home today!!!
I've been checking out the site for a while and there is
some great info here.
What books are the most useful as far as restoration guides
go? I'm going to order the GM restoration kit, but what else
should I get? Does anyone know if the book corvette parts interchange manual is useful?
I'm buying the corvette as a project car, it is rough around the
edges, non-number matching, and has many non-stock parts.
Purity of stock is not a priority to me just a beautiful shark that runs like a bat out of ....
Welcome Vetteengnr! You'll love CAC! Tons of knowledge here and great people. :w You've obviously picked the right place and the right vehicle to drive! It's a whole different world out here when you own a corvette, trust me, your life will change...for the better. Nice to have ya on board.......


Jenni :t
Welcome to the community!

I'd recommend getting the Assembly Manual, and any/all repair books for your year Vette. Chilton, Haynes, etc... I recall reading a post some time ago about all of these books having the same info, but some will have better explanations or instructions of various repairs than others, so all will be helpful to varying degrees.
Good luck on your new purchase/project, and welcome aboard! We look forward to hearing about your repair feats, and will commiserate with you and offer solutions for any de-feats you may encounter!
Silver aka:Heidi
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Welcome to CACC. Get and read all the books you can! Ask all the questions you can think of. Set realistic goals and complete them one at a time before you go to the next one. You will be amazed at what you accomplish. Before you realize it your car will begin to take shape.
vetteengnr said:
How do I add the picture to my signature?

Check out HELP If you still need a little help email me and we can walk you through it. :D Also note that signature size is prefered to be around 150 x 150 pixels or less. I can shrink photo`s if it will help.

Try posting them in the "Proving Grounds" forum in the regular posting portion, that way I can help.


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