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Injector swap



Along with new ported plenum, large runners and new manifold...I want to upgrade injectors. I got a shot at a set of 24# or 26.4#.
My question is what would be the better choice?
Unless you change the Heads & cam stock is enough. The only thing you will do with bigger injectors is to skew the programing and shorten the injector pulse width. which will not help driveability. 22# are sufficient for stock heads!
I understand....

Now if I were to change the chip....add roller rockers (1.52:1)
would that make a difference? Or is it a done deal that larger injectors require a larger cam and or head work?

Thanks for the reply Ernie...
Check our RC Engineering at rceng.com they can answer all your injector questions. They can clean, flow test and balance your stock injectors for 24.00 each if your staying with stock injectors. They can also peddal you larger ones if your mods warrant it. I believe they have a three to four day turn around. Good luck
Stay with the stock 22lb injectors! They will support over 300hp :beer
I went to SVO 30 lbs. with LT4 hot kit and complete hi flow upper intake system with adjustable fuel regulater. The car flooded real bad had to get custom chip from Fastchips cost $350.00 runs great now but you can just bump fuel pressure up for your combo I would think.

I do thinks you should say with the stock injectors, the bigger the injector the shorter the time they open at idle. The stock injectors are working far over 300 hp!

I have installed on my '86 vette:

LPE SUperRam with baseplate, Holly 58mm TB, adjustble fuel regulator, TPIS 1 3/4" headers, 2,5" B&B tri-flow exhaust, Edelbrock Performer heads, Sequential EMC, roller rockers goldseries,no EGR, no kats, no airco, no cruisecontrole.

Vryday I know how much HP I have, and I still run the stock injectors.

I espect to have 275 DIN hp and 430 Nm DIN at the rearwheels.

If I convert this power to SAE power at the flywheel it would be:

390 HP and 450 lb/ft
Eagle: Stick with the stock injectors unless they need replacing. They can support to 400 HP. I have TPIS Mini Ram II/ZZ-409 Cam/Roller Rockers/1 3/4" headers and full cat back/52mm TB/ Custom chip/etc on a ZZ4 crate and run stock injectors.

Phil (aka 89ZZ4)
I replaced my stock injectors with a blueprinted set from Marren Motor Sports, these are AC Rochester Products P/N 17090882. I think these are 24# injectors, noticed a definite improvement in response after replacement.
Ok folks here it is....I have a stock 85 with 19# injectors....

Some say go to 24 most say stay with the stock ones, I would like at least jump up to the 22# ones...
Thank you for the replies so far....but for me the jury is still out...

How about some more of you jumping in here.... there is a myriad of things to do with these engines to squeeze more power out of them without taking out a loan or robbing a bank...
I am not looking to make a stop light to stoplight monster or from gas station to gas station for that matter. Nor do I intend to go jumping on every "ricer" I see. I just want a bit more performance...
Thank you all....
Umm, Guys.. you do know that 85 vettes came STOCK with 24# injectors.. right?

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