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Installed my own ignition kill switch!


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Jan 26, 2001
Asheville, NC
1973 converted to 1980 custom convertible
Just wanted to let everyone know that it is quite easy to install an ignition kill switch. I had been thinking of doing so for quite some time and finally took some action. There is no alarm on the car currently and wanted more protection than the "club" can provide. I hid the toggle switch in a place that would be difficult to notice by a car thief. If anyone is think of installing a kill switch, I say go ahead. Total cost was about $10.00 and about 1 hour of time.



Smart idea. A friend of mine actually took it one step further and added two. One for the ignition and one for the fuel pump. It was on a Triumph though so I'm not quite sure what the point was:L
I can tell you what the point was. Peace of Mind! Because thats what i am looking for right now. $10 is a whole lot cheaper than $200 alarm system. That can be bypassed by the way if the right person gets to your car. And as much attention as sharks get its not a bad idea to have both. Lets put it this way it doesn't hurt in any way.

80conv.... where did you buy the kill switch. Can you give a bit more details. Maybe what problems you ran into or any other mods you had to do.


There really were not any problems. Its that easy. All you need is a toggle switch from the auto parts store, some 12g primary wire, heat shrink tubing and some wire connectors. Find the wire from your ignition switch to the battery connection on the distributor (look for the proper color coded wire in your wiring schematic). Splice the toggle switch in-line to this wire and your done. Find a location in the cabin of the car to mount the toggle switch that is difficult for a thief to notice but that you can reach with your hand easily. When you park, just flip the switch and your distributor is now dead. The car will try to turn over but can't.

I still plan to add an alarm myself that will also kill the starter. I have a convertible and want the motion sensor when the top is down. I can't add a fuel pump kill switch because I have a mechanical pump.

I think having the "club", distributor kill switch and a soon to be added alarm with starter kill should be enough to prevent theft minus someone towing the car off. Then I'll add the hidden bazooka cannon to shoot the tow truck. I had a camaro stolen in college and it is not fun. You feel violated. I never loved that car like I love my vette.


My 2 cents!

My bro.s '73 has the kill switch w/in easy reach of the driver (let's face it if the guy is used to stealing vettes he probably has a good idea where all the favorite places are to mount a sw.), so I mounted mine in a place that isn't as readily accessible fr the driver's seat.
I have a '72 w/T&T and I was thinking of changing over to a standard column so I could use a Grant wheel w/the set up that lets you easily remove the steering wheel.
Like I said, just my 2 cents. But if I wake up in the middle of the night, I'll by habit open the garage door and check (yes I'm a little paranoid, ha,ha) so @ the very least I'm going to add a 2nd switch soon. Good luck....Mark

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