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installing a in tank fuel pump into a 77 vette


New member
Apr 20, 2012
1977 yellow
I have a 77 vette with a 85 engine in it. You can't use a mechanical fuel pump. The car had a universal in line fuel pump installed when I bought the car. I've had 3 of those pumps fail as they are cheap. I put an electric fuel pump next to the tank, but it's pretty noisy. Has anyone put a in tank electric fuel pump in a C3 vette. It seems all of the pumps GM used when they went to a submerged pump are too high a pressure for a carb. equipped car. Any ideas out there?
The 1982 had a low pressure in take fuel pump and sending unit assembly , it may bolt right in to your tank. It is 11 to 13 psi if I remember right , You will then need a regulator up front to set the psi to 6psi or whatever your carb requires.

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