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OK, I'm going to do the nubie thing and ask another question. Is there an alumium intake/carb setup that will fit under the hood of my '73 and still let me use the cowl induction setup? I know that Weiand makes a low rise unit that I could move over to a square bore, but heard that it does not make any more HP than the stock setup. I plan to build a 383 stroker to drop in at some point in the future. Probably build a 400 HP motor, that will need better intake, however, I really dont want to change hoods. What can I do to make this all work out? Thanks all. I have been a member of forum's like this in the past and they are normally great places to get the straight scoop. Very glad to finally be among the Vette owner ranks. I've waited a long time to get one. Had to sell all my other toys, but its already worth it. THanks:D

There are some that work quite well. Again this was discussed in depth a short while back. Search under intakes and you will find the threads. I'm also sure those involved in the discussion will chime in.


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