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Interior Color Codes


72 Bluz

I'm trying to order some things for Xena to dress her up abit inside. I haven't been able to get to the option codes on the gas tank, but know that my interior should be blue. Been looking through catalogs (Mid America & Ecklers) for various things and notice that they both have different blue color codes/shades for different interior parts. The front carpet in Xena has been replaced recently and it is a dark or royal blue, as are the kickpanels. The rest of the interior (dash, door panels, etc) are a lighter color, more of a medium blue. Forgive my ignorance (got some Aggie blood in me), but is this typical? As far as I know, everything in the cockpit is original except for the front carpet, but the different color shades confuse me. Also, am I better off to order all my colored interior stuff from one vendor?

72 Bluz :confused
Is the trim plate still present above the driver door hinge, if so you're in luck, if not it could be tricky. Some of the catalog shops will match it for you if you send them a piece of carpet or fabric.

Buying it all from one place doesn't necessarily mean anything. Corvette America actually has things listed in their catalog as Eckler's products and I purchased an armrest from Mid-America that came in a sealed plastic bag from Corvette America. Go figure!:crazy Good thing was that the armrest was an exact match for my seats:) so unless I hear something to change my mind, my new interior will come from Corvette America.

Good Luck Bluz!
412 blue

There is only 1 blue for your '72 interior. It is trim code 412 and only was available in vinyl. No leather. Don't be suprised to find color variations from different suppliers. Since some parts houses may sell interior items sourced from different suppliers I would suggest trying to get all of your stuff from the source that you know has a match to your color.

59Tom, you're right

The trim code on my door panel is 412. Since the front carpet is new and a darker color than the dash, door panels, etc., it confused me. Maybe they faded with age and sunlight?? Anyway, ordering from the same vendor makes sense to me. I just don't know which shade of blue in my interior is correct.

72 Bluz
Just a thought

I reread your 1st post and noticed that you said that your front carpet has been replaced. Is your rear carpet original? If so there would be areas of it that have not had direct sunlight on it to cause fading. Would be worth looking at the covered parts of the carpet. Over the years there has been a lot of talk on this subject and it seems that carpet is the hardest thing to find in the proper shade. If your dash, seats or door panels are original look in protected or covered areas of them fo an unfaded sample of color.

The rear carpet appears original...

and it is faded in spots, but looks to be the same shade as the newer front carpet and the kick panels, which is a dark blue similar to the Targa Blue exterior. The dash, door panels, console panels, seat covers, seat belts and just about every other interior piece is a lighter shade of blue, like a medium blue. The parking brake piece also appears to have been replaced - it's a darker shade than the rest of the interior, but not as dark as the carpet. I plan on replacing the door panels, since the armrests and a few other spots are rough, perhaps I can order some paint and do the rest of the interior to match? Since the previous owner did not garage the car (I don't think - he had it outside under a car cover when I picked it up), I was just trying to get a feel for what sunlight might do to the inside. I know it had been left out in the sun uncovered for days at a time while he was away. Xena was a daily driver before I found her and she'll never be a show car for me. She's a warrior princess - I want her to fight like @#$* and look good doing it.

Thanks for your help, Tom. I appreciate your input. Now it's out to the garage to play with Xena, watch some football and quench my thirst. :beer 72 Bluz
Blue stuff

Hey Bluz,,

I went to a car show today in Ft Wayne IN. Street rods mostly but they allow up to '72 now. There were 2 chrome bumper sharks there, both '71s, both 454/365 hp, both code 979 Bridghampton Blue (979 is Targa Blue in '72). One had black interior and the other was 412 blue. Called dark blue in '71 but still code 412.

What is the chance of 2 cars like this being the only Sharks there? Anyway, the carpet in the 412 interior was slightly darker than the seats and looked to be fairly new. It wasn't a great difference, just a shade or 2 off.

I know this doesn't help much. I wish that the carpet had been original. Al Knock is usually reguarded as having the best matches in seat vinyl and leather. Why don't you call them and ask about the carpet color.

Hi Tom, I tried to reply to your IM, but your mailbox is full (or so it says). Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but sometimes I forget to check for IMs...

I wish I could help, but my interior is black. The carpet was replaced in '88 (and is fading even though it's a garaged car).

Good luck with finding out what the right color is!

Have fun!
Barb :w
Thanks, Barb

Black sure makes it easier, doesn't it?

72 Bluz
Thanks Barb,

Sorry about the mail box. I think I'll cut the bottom out then it won't get full.


72 Bluz,

Here's a testamonial for Ecklers Restoration stuff. I had to replace the seats in my '81. I have the rare 1981 only "Cinnabar" interior. Ecklers sent me leather seats that matched the door panels, dash and console colors perfectly sight unseen. I was beyond pleased. Quoted 10 days and arrived in 2.

Good Luck....... Nut

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