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interior dye's



hos anyone had any experence with the spray on interior dye products out there. Womdering if the end result is close to what it was factory.

Any imputt I m thinking about new seat backs and armrest, the ones I have now are in good shape but faded. Will the dye work well on the origonal parts. Or should I be look at new parts to color match with the dye. Or does the dye not work well at and I should just spend the extra money and get it pre coloed.

If you cant make any sence out of all that, just wondering if the dye interior paints work well
I've used a vinyl dye on my whole interior and am very pleased with the results. As with any paint job, preparation is the key to a good finish.
I'm not sure how it matches a factory colour, but I wasn't after that sort of result.
I've heard that when using these dye's , that you want to do the whole interior. Otherwise parts may look lighter or darker than the original. I was also told it doesn't work very well on seats.

I have used the interior dye which is really a spray paint of some kind. I think it is a flexible type paint. I used it for touch up on my silver interior and I got to say it worked great. I used it on my parking brake console, steering column,and door handle pulls and it really matched up great. Of couse it won't be perfect as the old paint next to it might be discolored, but it is as good as you can get. Just paint the whole piece instead of a small spot. I don't think it will work on seats but the seat backs should be ok.

Just make sure you get the dye for exactly your year and color.

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