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Intro and maybe first Vette

Thanks for the kind words everyone! Rulz, if your car is Magnetic red like it looks in your avatar, well thats exactly what mine looks like. See Tammy, I said Id start the post with a yeeha when i got it. Im picking it up tomorrow, Dec 7th,...Hmmm nuff said.

We have a small window of good weather until Friday , then another snowstorm coming. I dont even want to drive it when theres salt residue on the road, but ill make an exception in this case, then I guess its gonna be parked untill it clears up again. I have no problem cleaning the undercarriage of my vechicles- But I doubt Ill ever drive this in the rain, if i can help it.

I think im going to try Zainos- Anybody here try this stuff? Cant wait to row thru the six speed, what do you do to have to keep it from shifting into 4th from 1st, high revs? What RPM?

Presents for the kids? Man all i do is get stuff for the kids- First of all I educated 3 of them, my fourth is in college now in 2nd year, and baby is a senior in HS and sending out applications now. Story of my life, getting the kids off to a good start. Ill spoil my grandaughter this Xmas.

But this is my present to me. Im in a rough line of work, so driving is therapy .

Im real happy with the price Im paying, I dont think i would have dropped MSRP on a spanking new one, probably would have gotten a Range Rover instead, for that kind of money, but all day ive been noticing Mercs and Lexsus's and saying to my self- Nice, but no performance!

Im thinking about putting a race deck floor in my garage. Anybody here know where to get them at a good price?

Well, Ill post again after i pick it up and write my impressions.

You can keep it from shifting into 4th by either giving it the gas moderately aggressively when you start out (the light won't even come on) or, if that's not practical, you can just keep increasing the revs through the shift light until it goes off- then shift into 2nd. It seems like that is around 3000 rpm's, but don't quote me on that. I defeated the skip shift a while back, so I don't pay much attention to the light now.

Did you get an owner's manual with it? It should have the exact figures for the 1-4 shift conditions. I'm not sure if they changed any from the C5's to the C6's.

Check out the Garage Depot section here. I've seen lots of threads over there with really nice looking garage floors.

Rat Race said:
YEEHAA. made the deal Saturday for 43750. I went up 250, am putting $20,000 down, $1375 deposit on my Amex card, and borrowing 25K for 6.25%, for 48 months, about $580 a month. I guess no Xmas presents for the kids this year!

Car is outragous- Like I said 05, whatever that package is for interior (perforated leather, memory, all those do dads) transparent roof, six speed, Z51, polished rims, XM radio, extra cost paint, (Magnetic red ) Cashmere interior, and I forget what else or maybe thats it. Thats enough!!! What a slick ride- who dosent like vettes but never thought Id own one! Never got tired of my 99 SS Camaro vert, and dont think ill ever tire of this- Its just too freakin cool.

Only thing Im doing to it is putting those little mesh grills on the side ducts and rear thing. And waxing the hell out of it!

So thanks for letting me join the ranks of you Corvetters. I live in Jersey, you can find some roads to wind this thing out but theres some great roads in upstate NY so when the snow melts thats where ill be headed.

Asked the dealer about the battery going dead and to do a Carfax he said no reports on any complaints he that that happens when the car isnt put to sleep in reverse. Guess Ill have to wait and see...

I must be nuts. I have a 72 SS396 Camaro, totally rotissaried and is awaiting a good paint job, a 71 383 Stroker Camaro that I made into a nostalgia Gasser, with velocity stacks thru the hood and spoke front rims, flat black with Moon and surf stuff on it, a 67 Mustang coupe I got for 200 bucks and just restored it so I could drive it every day, and a 68 Mustang convertable that I am making into a 67 Shelby vert clone. And now this. Well Im doin my part to keep the General alive. I gotta be nuts...

I got all excited just reading the first two paragraphs. Makes me want to go out and get one! Congrats, Rat Race. And welcome!!!
Rat Race said:
Oh PS, 49 YO, 5 kids , 1 grandchild, wife left me, but not divorced. Drove practicalmobiles all adult life, Camaro was special but gave it back when kids started asking to drive it. Now Im on my own and have a 4WD so impractical is OK

Good to meet you all!

A word of advice. Do not buy it until your divorce is final. She might take one look at it and decide she wants half of it.
I went and did it anyway, about a month back now, her first words when she saw it was "I dont like it" Each to his own I guess.
Rat Race said:
I went and did it anyway, about a month back now, her first words when she saw it was "I dont like it" Each to his own I guess.

Congrats my man!
That's one fine car you just purchased....and it'll keep you busy and a lot of your time occupied for years to come!

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