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Is my motor flooding??



I want to run this past you guys and see what you think...
After getting what I think is the optimal airflow in and out of my motor a little starting problem has cropped up..heres what happens..
In the Morning cold motor 40 ambient or so , I choke her half way, she fires right up and I adjust the choke till she's warm, great. After the motors run, and I shut off, it appears that the combustion chambers load up with fuel(wet plugs)??Because then, when I try to restart the warmed motor I have to crank it for 3-4 seconds and then it will stumble to life just like a flooded motor does. Would the carb move to a too rich condition with these engine airflow and advance mods? 14degrees at idle,..Whats your thoughts on correcting this..should I be looking at leaning the holley out gradually?? The motor always fired right up before before the air and ignition upgrades..
Need anymore info, please ask...
Thanks in advance..
PS No chance of a vacuum leak affecting this situation, I have it blocked at the manifold, so bypass that possibility
No doubt your mixture settings need to change to keep up with the extra air flow. You might actually need to choke it and not pump the throttle as you have so much air flow with that open free element that the venturi action is not taking place right off, and you have to crank more than usual. Other than that, I am kind of stumped about this.

Hey, I bet fuel injection is sounding better and better.
Tom.... I'll bet Chris's washing machine is Fuel Injected! :D

.......... Nut
You Got it right,that is if it ever arrives into his Hot little hands..
:L :L yeah but Im not going to reinvent the wheel over this, or PULL the motor either Chris!!
OK I got some ideas, one of them is live with it, The Motor runs super as soon as it gets started up, I definitly dont want to jazz a good tune , by changing jets ect on the holley. But I may tweak the idle mixture a bit and see. Or Set the advance back a bit and see.
I just dont like the motor cranking like that, My neck starts getting red until it gets fired up, then I go ..Whew..
Ill let you know if I get some simple results somehow..

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