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Is old block worth keeping?



If I return my old 350K block from my 89 chevy Cheyenne, the local dealer will give me $100 for a returned core. I just bought a GM Good wrench motor. Is the old block worth keeping? Does it have 2 or 4 bolt mains. Is it worth
rebuiling for my 78 Corvette? Of course I would replace heads, manifold and
cam. What do you folks think?


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Jul 3, 2001
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It is worth keeping depending on why you replaced it. It it was just worn and tired, then keep it. If it spun a rod through the side, then dump it.

The Type II (1987-1996or so) small block chevy is an awesome block in two or four bolt main. It is designed with a one piece rear main seal that has less leakage problems, and it is also set for a roller cam. Even if you truck did not have a hydraulic roller cam, one can be installed in that block with the stock GM rev kit. This is the only way I have built small blocks for the last ten years.

Roller cams are better in every which way. One problem you may have is some of these blocks were not machined all the way through for a standard fuel pump. If that is the case you will have to run an electric in the 78 vette. No worries, because that is the next step to putting EFI on that baby.

Two or Four bolt really means nothing for a street engine. I have seen two bolts take some unreal abuse and keep asking for more. Unless you are putting a blower on it, don't sweat the number of main cap bolts.

You would be surprised to find somebody would easily give you $300 or so for that long block.


Speaking of spare engines, I got a 454 sitting in my garage that I might get rid of. It's out of a Suburban that was owned by my grandfather. I need to pull off the casting numbers, but it needs a rebuild. The pistons were fairly dirty from carbon build-up. I know the little old lady stories that everyone rolls their eyes at, but my grandfather really does drive slow. He's probably one of the few people who drives the speed limit. He was telling me that he had to beat a redlight and put down the loud pedal. He said that it felt like it was some type of "race car," when it took off. He said that it was too dangerous to put into a car. I wanted to laugh so bad, but I bit my tongue, to not embarass him. :L If anyone around the Houston area is interested, let me know. I tore her down, but the camshaft is still in there.


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