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Is there a better shifter?


James Price

I have a 96 Collectors Edition. I haven't had it long but I have noticed that shifting it (quickly) just isn't like my old 71 Mach 1 used to be. I had a hurst competition plus-4 on the Stang and I could run through the gears with impressive speed and accuracy.

Are there any High Performance shifters that will bolt on to these C4 vettes?
Replacement shifter.....

Hello James !
Before you purchase a new shifter, you may want to try what I did ? It only took me and my buddy about 30 minutes, and the only description I could voice is, it made my car shift more....."corvettelike" ? I don't know if that's a real word, but it sure was a real difference in the shifter ! What I did was basically just shorten the factory stick by approximately 3/4". My buddy all ready had the necessary tools out, as he had just finished doing the same thing to his 2001 Z06 ! He wasn't as impressed with the mod when completed on his car as I was with mine. I sent another member, Louis Bartay, a partial picture file of the process, and I possibly could find it again to send if you are interested. I will say this, I am not considering an aftermarket shifter any more !

Steve, I am interested in what you did. If you would send me the file, it would be appreciated.

Steve, I am interested too!


Shifter mod's.

O.K. guys, I will try to get that sent to you both. I need you to e-mail me, so that I will have both of your e-mail address's at my aol account, then I will attach the file when I return mail you ! Keep in mind that the article & pic's only take you thru the shift knob removal, after you do that, just use a good, sharp hacksaw, place your car in 4th gear, cut approximately 3/4" off the threaded top end of the shaft, leaving about 1/4" of the slot which the wedge goes back into when re-installing the shift knob, and then re-install the shift knob by reversing the steps in the photo's. I think you will be happy with the reults !


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