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Jacking and Jack stands



I need to get all four wheels of my '69 of of the ground about 1 '. What are my best choices for 1) jacking points on all four corners using a small floor jack and 2) placing the jack stands??

Jack Stand Placement

Well, I'll let you know what I do and where the jack stands go under the Rare81

I had her in the air a few times :eyerole Be sure to CHOCK the front wheels I have a 3 Ton floor jack that I placed under the rear side just ahead of the cross framing. Then jacked it up until I could loosen up the lug nuts, then up until I get it high enough to get the old Yoda Body under it :D place the jack stand at the cross frame near the side framing. Then over to the other side and do the same thing. Now the back end is off the ground on jack stands.

The front I put the jack about a foot and half in back of the front wheel, just in back of the frame cross over. Jack it up (if tires come off be sure to loosen the lug nuts before the entire tire is off the ground) high enough to, again let Old Yoda crawl under then put in the jack stand right at the cross frame near the side framing. Ditto to the other side.

Reverse the process to get her down on the ground. Works For me... I leave the T-Tops in, and the Window up during jacking once up on the jack stands, I have opened the doors and even the hood... But I prefer to keep everything closed up while she is resting on the jacks ;)

This is how I do it... It may not be right but it seems to work and not stress anything too much... the doors, hood, T-Tops and windows seem to work great :cool

Different Advice....


I received an email from a CAC member that says he was told to NOT LEAVE Doors, T-Tops and Hood closed when jacking???

Thought I would post to let you know this too... Maybe there is someone out here that knows and can let us know :cool and maybe explaiin the logic to it?

I believe I was the one who first aked the question on cracking glass t-tops when jacking the car up.Spent last night trying to find where I saw it. It was mentioned in "How to restore and moddify your 1968-82 corvette" . I think page 116.

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