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KBD Muffers?



Are these mufflers sold by Eckler's gonna be tooooo loud? I want to hear it but I don't want to drown in it either. I have stock ones now and mostly just air comes out. Just want a good rumble going on not trying to draw to much attention. I like the clean look of the KBD's and the price is good. What do ya think?

I'm going with Flowmasters this winter. I've heard them on other '81's and they sound terrific.

.......... Nut :grinsanta

With a stock exhaust system there are not really loud they give the car a nice rumble. Now with the way I have them Headers with true duals they are just enough to keep me form getting pulled over. I would say in stock form these would be a god chose for mufflers if you are looking for a some what quite rumble. Also they flow extremely will.
nutmegbronze81 said:

I'm going with Flowmasters this winter. I've heard them on other '81's and they sound terrific.

.......... Nut :grinsanta

What series flowmasters will you use?
Thanks 79er

I knew I had seen a Vette in this forum with KBD's Thanks for the info. I would really like to go with duals but I don't know where we are headed with emitions tests in this area. They are coming soon ,but talk is 96 and up vehicles, we'll see.

No prob. Here in Iowa there is not any test for emissions. And there does not look to be any in the near future.
that must be really nice, not having to worry about the emissions

My shark had all the emissions stripped. and i had a dual exhaust put in the car. Its funny the guy putting in the exhaust asked me if it had a cat. I told him that thats the way i had bought the car (there was no cat, it was removed). You could clearly see where the heat shield for the cat was. He looked at me and shrugged and told me it would be ready in the afternoon! Funny thing is the car passed emissions without all the emissions stuff. Go figure.

3 more years before i can stop worrying:eyerole

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