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Keyless Entry/Alarm System


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Jan 27, 2002
2003 50Th Corvette
I had a alarm system / keyless entry installed in my '80 corvette in feb 02. since then i have had i back to the store 3 times because of problems and the keyless entry never worked. they say the rods in the door locks are too short to work with the keyless entry. yesterday i went to the grocery store and when i came out the car had activated the alarm itself. last night the alarm went off 2 times by itself. it was in the garage and i hadn't set the alarm..what do you think i ought to do? what about the door lock rods? help


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Not knowing how this thing was installed, and exactly what method was used to tie in to the stock theft system, it is almost impossible to diagnose. However, I am confused about the rod being too short. I had no problem hooking up my system on the 69. Your should have come out even better since you already had power locks in the car, and all they had to do was hook the electrical signal in to trigger them.

You need to just take it back, or just forget about them and find a different installer to replace the system.

Her 92

We had the keyless entry on both our 78 PC and our 82 CE we sold the PC before having the aftermarket alarm removed. After being stranded 4 times because of the aftermarket alarm shutting down the 82 CE I had our local vette shop remove the alarm and trash it. 2 times I had not set the alarm but it set itself somehow and would activate the sequence to shutdown the motor if someone tried to start the car. I would take almost an hour to try to figure out how to get the car started if we could. Twice I had to call a rollback to get it home. The last time I had it hauled to the shop. They asked me what I wanted to do with the alarm system. I told them to put it in the garbage! We had 2 different kinds of aftermarket alarms and both had problems. My husband says that we will not install another aftermarket system on a Vette.:w

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