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Knock sensor.


Oct 4, 2016
Guildford, Surrey UK
C3 Collectors Edition
Does anyone know what the difference is between the 1997463 knock sensor used only on the Collectors edition and other sensors used on early C4s. Both have the L83 engine. The 1997463 is unobtainable in the world it seems. I am going to experiment and fit an early C4 unit and see what happens. My collectors has a performer cam and aluminium heads so the dynamics of -knocking or pinking- may be different to a standard L83. Also, the collectors has an ESC ( electronic Spark Control) controller which I believe amplifies the knock sensor signal in order for the ECM to react and retard the timing. This is also unobtainable.
I'd have to research that some. Seems like 1982 electronics are hard to come by and were updated for the 1984 Cross Fire. It may just be an improved unit that will work. If someone else doesn't chime in before I have time later today I'll see what I can find out


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