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L31 Fuelie



I am restoring my '72 and am look'g @ the "new" L-31
crate motor fr Chevy. Heard good things; has anyone have
experience work'g on them or heard anything of concern?


I don't know anyone that has used the crate motor but I have a L31 in my '99 Tahoe and it is a great engine. Lots of torque. Of course you probably won't use an ECM or TBI injection on your '72. Also you are limited on intake manifolds because of the L31 Vortec bolt pattern. The intake bolts are 90 degrees to the ground instead of to the intake flange. Chevrolet has a 4 bbl intake and Edelbrock has a couple offerings including an air gap intake that is a new item. I don't know if there is a Q-Jet intake available for the L31 Vortec heads so you can keep your original carb or not. Maybe a Holley Or Demon carb is in order. Should be a great swap.


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