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L48 vs L82 1975



can anybody tell me what the differences are between the two and are they just engine specs or more
If you look on the casting pad located at the front of the passenger side head and just in front of the valve cover, you will see some numbers and letter. There should be 2-3 letters together (example CNN) along with a bunch of numbers including serial number. These letters tell you more about your engine. In my case CNN is a 1970 Camaro, Nova 350 rated at 250hp with auto tranny. I have a book with the codes if you find it. Looks as if Tom has even more details.



. There is also a casting number at the very back of the engine near the tranny on top which gives you a more general identification.
Check out the 75 specifications page on this site.
I think the engine is the main difference. I'm not sure if the exhaust was different on the 75.
Mine is not stock so I dont keep up with all that. Unless your trying to keep yours bone stock I would make some engine upgrades to improve the performance. The 75's had the wimp engine of all time, however that is fairly easy to correct with upgrades.
KenSny's right. As far as engine goes. The L82 has a bit more aggressive cam and higher compression ratio ... hence more oomph for L82. The L82 MAY have an aluminum intake while the L48 MAY have iron.
48 vs 82 ( 1975 )

L-82 205 hp *CRL
L-48 165 hp *CRJ

*Engine vin ( last 3)

Can you even believe that GM made a vette with 165hp? My wife's 4,300 pound Volvo has more power than that with an inline-6.


Jack - My L82 had the same iron intake manifold as the L48 (date coded and all).

80convertible - Yes, GM was sure running "EPA scared" in '75, the only way to get it on the road was to Detune-Detune-Detune. And of course that catalyic converter was really restrictive.

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