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Question: Leak on passengers side door


Jan 21, 2014
Olive Branch
Hey guys, New here but looks fun and informative.
I have a leak somewhere on the passengers side of a 2003 Z06. I am getting wet carpet on the floor board in the corner in front of the door. So much moisture has built up in the car the windshield will have enough condensation on it in the mornings it is dripping. I have check the window seal, door seals, windshield seal and all other obvious places but I am at a stand still. Drying the car out is not a problem but it seems to get wet again after a rain or 2. I DO not drive the car in the rain so that eliminates lower leakage I would think. I just noticed the problem about 1/2 year ago when after a divorce I am now forced to keep the car outside and not in a garage. Any suggestions ? Thanks
Hi and welcome to the CAC......Could be your AC condensation road tube is plugged up and that is getting the floor wet. Which is bad because it will eventually get into the high dollar electrics that reside down there. Or it might be a seal is leaking but I'd check the vent tube first. We just had a thread on that the other day......
Thanks Huskerman, I do believe that was the problem. The build up was enough to grow an ear or two of corn. I am almost sure that was the problem. Thanks again
Glad to help out.....the air box drain is the one that will get you first and is directly responsible for water getting into the passenger side foot well. Had it happen to me once and caught it just in time before it could get into the electronics......

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