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leaky heater core



me thinks my heater core on my 93 is leaking--greasy wet on passenger side carpet & using a little coolant--any problem with just plugging it off until ready to replace? If ok to plug, what is best way?

Greg Albers

Active member
Aug 11, 2006
Corydon, IN
1990 Coup Blk/Blk
My heater core was disconnected when I bought my 90 coupe. There was a peice of pipe that was two different diameters with one hose stuck on one end and the other on the other end. The hoses to the core are two different sizes. The only negative in the summer time is the windshield fogging up on the outside on hot humid nights. The wipers will take it right off but it is still a nusance to have to run the wipers. Get all of the info you can get before you start on the core replacement. It is not that bad if you take your time and are small enough to get in under the dash. I am six-one and weigh 260 and I got it done. Let us know If you need any help.

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