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Leaning 1961



Couple of questions on a 61. I recently purchased a 61 driver that sets about 3/4 inch lower on the drivers side. It looked like I had a weak rear leaf so I installed a new set. No Luck Here! Car sill set with lean. I then let enough air out of the passenger side right tire to level the front. This also brought the back into an almost level position. Thinking I was on a roll but not wanting to order any new parts, I switched the front springs. ALSO NO LUCK! Same lean. Anybody have any suggestions on this. Also, installed a heater motor and noticed something strange, (car has been rewired prev.) with out grounding the motor, have no low fan but have high. Ground the motor fan speed picks up. Was only one lead from motor and only one attachment prong aval. on back of switch how did I screw this one up?
Signed, looking of 61 driver parts
Clueless in Manhattan

I'm sorry to hear that your '61 still leans. The reason is that my '59 has a lean in it and I have thought for all these years that the new springs I bought for it in '71 would fix it. Now I'm not so sure. As you can see I haven't been rushing this project.

Have you had it on a frame machine to check measurements? It might have something to do with the shims between the front suspension crossmember and the frame. 3/4 of an inch seems a lot but depending on what they put in at St. Louis maybe some could be removed from the right or added to the left or both.

I think I would talk to a good frame shop and maybe get it checked first to make sure it is in spec. Then you will know for sure where you are starting from.

Also welcome to the forums. We are getting more solid axle people here all the time. I love talking about these cars especially if we can actually figure something out.

Tom, I think you are right. The frame shop should be next, thought I might be overlooking something. I have tried to take some critical measurements from numerous points and thought I had it down to the front a-frames. I'll go pick the frame shops brain, and see if I can lern anything new.

Once they get the car mounted on the rack it will be easy to see if there is a problem. Unfortunately the lower contol arm, if needed, is only available used. There must be some measurements that can be made to check one before it is installed.

If it becomes necessary to "adjust" your frame I would suggest that they loosen the body mount bolts in that area before pulling on the frame. Don't need any new cracks. Let me know how you come out.

Good luck,

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