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leasst reliable


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Aug 9, 2015
2011 grand sport arctic white
good morning America this morning had a list from consumer reports, the new corvette is one of the TOP 5 least reliable cars in the U.S. makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! these facts come from people who respond to CONSUMER REPORTS questionaires sent out to subscribers. good job GENERAL F***ING MOTORS. whats next? or is it just me?
It's just you. All manufactures have issues with their new vehicles, it's how they handle the known problems that is important. Don't pay attention to any "survey's" as they are always tainted to the marketing advantages of the publications.
least reliable

the info from consumer reports is based on replies from owners who have answered the questions sent out. a person I know who seems to know a lot about vettes has told me the new ones are in fact having a lot of problems. this comes from people he knows who do own them, quite a few of them in the corvette club he is in. so there is merit to the story.
A person with an axe to grind responds to a survey, folks happy with a product don't give surveys a 2nd thought.

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