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Leather seat cleaner / conditioner?


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Jan 27, 2001
St. Peters, MO.
1996 LT4 coupe + 2004 Z06 Z16
I have white ( oyster ) interior in my 1980 and as you can imagine, this shows any dirt very easily :(

I have just used Meguirars "Gold Class" leather cleaner / conditioner on it and found it to work O.K., but not great. Had to use a heavyer cleaner on tough spots first, then the conditioner.

This is the smooth and supple type leather, not textured in any way.

Has anybody found anything better? Lexol, for example?

I want to preserve the softness as much as possible to keep these 21 year old seats from cracking.

Any ideas?
Leather Conditioner

I'm a bit biased however there is great info here.www.zainobros.com A local detail shop purchases leather conditioner and polish from me 'cause they think it's the best they've ever used.
Take it for what it's worth. Everyone has their favourite!
Leather Seats

I have a book by Michael Antonick - a legend in Corvette-land - called "Secrets of Corvette Detailing". If you want, I can make a copy of the pages where he addresses leather seats and FAX it to you, or mail it via US Postal Service. That is easier than typing in the whole thing. Regards, Marc (VetteGuy66)
Leather cleaning

Use what you feel comfortable with, Zaino, Zymol, Mothers, Meguiars, but be sure to put conditioner on the leather when you are finished. I had serious nicotine do remove and quick dry enamel reducer did a quick and easy job. I immediately applied Zymol leather conditioner and the seats still smell like new, two years later.:cool

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