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Less Thunder

Black Thunder

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Oct 14, 2001
Port St Lucie,FL
1968 Black Custom Vert 454 BB
Finally got the Glass Paks out & can now hear myself think. Seems an aftermarket glass pak was installed. It was the same OD for 3 feet. No wonder I had no chance knocking em out.

Had to slit backside, pull the old, install the new & weld it all back up.......Geez! Forgot how much fun it isn't working on cobble jobs!

Guess it goes with older Vettes as people will cut corners. All in all making progress but it takes time as well as dollars. Still have that grin on coming from having a Vette again. Life is good....he he!

Thanks to those that commented on the pics & being old school wave at every Vette. See ya on the highway!
What...............what was that?....................I can't seem to make that out.................

I thought that was part of the experience!

Actually, the Flowmasters on the 90 are starting to get on my nerves and the rest of that car is stock. When hitting just a certain speed and gear in traffic the rumble cancells out all normal volume conversation and music from the radio.

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