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My 1977 has been under restoration for 2 years. I just completed it. The last license plate I had was for 1999. We I go to get a current plate at the DMV, do I have to pay for the other 2 years that the car was being restored?


I'm not sure...

I just moved to Georgia.
I know that in California you have to pay a $5 non-op (non-operational) fee to not get dinged with several years of back registration. You could call your local licensing office and they shoud be able to answer your question.
Good luck.
Silver aka:Heidi

*had to edit and add a big WELCOME to CACC, Larry!
Not in NJ

I don't know about Ga. but I don't believe so. Just make sure you bring all the paperwork with you, if you're motor vehicle is anything like mine:r
In Ohio and Indiana if a car isn't being used it doesn't have to be registered. Some states are pretty creative about getting your money out of your pocket though.

Thanks guys for the information. I tried all day to get in touch with the local DMV. but the lines were always busy! I will try again on Thursday.

Larry (Vettecor)

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