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lights acting flakey



hi all,

I just had the front hood emblem replaced while the car was in the shop for exhaust work. Seem's odd that some being under the hood can be associated with this problem, It may not be related, however, I thought I mention it prior to telling you the symtom.

When I turn on the lights on my 86' the radio and temperature center lights go out. everything works fine mechanically. When I turn off the lights the radio and temperature control lights go on.

Another thing I noticed was the headlight knob does not dim the interior lights.

Could this just be a coincidence with someone being uder the hood, or should I begin to troubleshooting the headlight switch
and wiring.

Welcome To The Corvette Action Center bccicone!

From your description, I would guess it to be the dimmer switch. There is nothing they could have done under the hood to cause those symptoms. ;)

Good luck!

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