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Vacuumn was working well on my 1969 corvette headlights until all of a sudden. The only thing I am aware of that I did was replace the winshield wiper overide switch. Since then neither light will open.

Is there a relationship beween the two? Wipers have never worked but the lights always did. I made sure hoses were reconnected on each side od overide switch. Cannot think what else might be the problem.

Any help would be appreciated.


Don,check the hoses on the headlight switch,since you've been playing under the dash you might have pulled one loose.
Thanks, I'll give,it a look.. Appreciate it..
One other thing of great importance! When you installed the new over-ride switch, you must make sure you put the hoses in the correct place.

With the symptoms you are having, it sounds like you inadvertantly swapped the vacuum lines when installing the new switch. Swap the hoses, I bet it works!
I have a 1982 with light problems also. The lights won't raise up (without a little help) but they will shut when you turn off the switch. I'm fixing to change out the vaccum hoses, do you think this will solve my problem or is something else. This is my first Vette and I am learning as I go.


there are so many problems that can come about with age and hoses. if i were you i would check ur hoses. it seems to be common, i'm on my first c3 and i keep finding every problem is related to a vaccuum hose.
If you have a leaky vacuum line, then this will do the trick. My headlights are behaving exactly like your's are. I traced all the lines, and so far I suspect the actuator (seals?), and/or the vacuum relay(s).

I am currently diverting my resources (money) to other areas of the car right now, so the headlights will be neglected for a little while longer.

New tubing will not hurt anything, and it may possibly solve the problem. Troubleshooting a vacuum line is not too hard. Basically disconnect both ends. Then, plug up one end, and suck on the other. If you cannot suck through it, then it does not leak. If it passes that test, then unplug the end and see if you can blow through it. If that works, then it's OK.

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