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need help with 91 Zr-1 Electrical issue


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Oct 28, 2004
zr1.net registry,N.J. Director
1991 zr1
I hope everyone is well. I took my ZR-1 out today 1st time since Nov. Last time I drove it everything was fine. I noticed I left my glove box was open and I was expecting a dead battery.Car started right up but I noticed other things not working.
1. No courtesy lights, dome ,pillar etc. Light on rear view mirror does work. Turned dimmer switch but that didn't help.
2. Radio turns on looks normal, CD, radio all look normal but no sound, antenna won't go up.
3. Heat/AC controls nothing lit up. DEAD.
Everything else checked out on the car switch wise ,car ran great.
I checked all the fuses on passenger side fuse box, all ok, FUSE (1) 15 amp seems to control most of these items. I replaced even though it was fine. No luck. Checked AUX fuses on passenger side under hush panel , all fine.
I checked that door light switches were working, they read door ajar so I think that is not the issue. I did leave that glove box open for several weeks with trickle charger on.I read somewhere I could have burned out a relay some where. Any help would be appreciated
Todd Cerami
I've had several similar problems on 91 and older C4's,Fusible links behind the battery,there are several,Check them all,I'll almost bet you'll find 1 or more open.:thumb

battery at 12.8, checked for codes and it came up with H25 "courtesy lamp relay circuit open or shorted to ground" gonna have to do some searching on this now, swapped courtesy lamp relay with the same type of relay from road lamps relay, no change.so that eliminates that.
what is best way to check them, run multimeter to one end and stick a pin in the wire going to rest of car and check for continuity? i don't want to tear into all of them there is about 6 or 7 .haven't got in there yet. thanks todd

ultimeter or a test light either or.
weird, i decided to check courtesy fuse one more time. it was blown. i replaced it and now everything works. i know i checked it several times before this and even repalced it, maybe swapping relays? i checked relay that was in there and is now being used for driving lights driver lights ,they still work. i am happy as shit
I checked the Courtesy fuse one more time ,even though I replaced it. I couldn't believe it but it was blown. I replaced it and everything works. Maybe me swapping relays did something? The relay that I swapped is working fine on the driver lights. Who knows just happy it's fixed. Thanks for the input

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