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Long time, but I have a ?...


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Dec 16, 2000
Soon to be Greeley, CO
Not Any More :( - '92 Typhoon #2482
Hello everyone, boy what a busy summer! Now that I'm back in school, I have time and a faster connection so I can keep up to date with the CAC.

To my question: Because my 1981 has such a low compression engine, and was made to run on the regular unleaded gas of the 80's, would running premium change performance at all? What little I was able to drive it this summer, I noticed it didn't run that well at all. It ran fine when I first had it, but all I've run is premium. Would I notice any difference by switching back to low octane regular?

Thanks for any input, and it's good to be back at the forum. CAC deprevation syndrome is almost as bad as CDS!

T Jay
Hey T Jay, glad to see ya! :upthumbs

I'll be right back with a definitive answer for your question. ;)
Told ya I'd be right back. :L

You've got some reading to do. I could go on-and-on about it here, because I've worked for Chevron, blending both motor and aviation gasoline, jet fuels, diesel fuel, etc., for the past twenty years. But I have a tendency to confuse people and in doing so confuse myself even more, so go to this site and start reading.

There is a table of contents at the beginning, so if you know exactly what you want, you can find it pretty easily. I suggest bookmarking it for future reference.

FAQ: Automotive Gasoline

It's a very good article. ;)

Thanks Ken. I have lots of time in between some of my classes during the week, and having this article will not only answer my question, but it will aslo give me something to do. I appreciate it.

T Jay
Re: Thanks!

mxdout165 said:
...but it will aslo give me something to do.

It's a good thing you need something to fill your time, I warned ya, "You've got some reading to do." :L

Nice to see you back on line AND back in school. I've been running 87 octane in my '81 since Day 1. Switching to mid-range or Premium affects only the balance in my wallet. Now you find some of Ken's AvGas at the airport...... now you got something there. Ah....... remembering good old Sunoco Blue, the good old days when gas was .28 cents a GD gallon for High Test. Ken..... Remember when they called it High Test? I(we) are getting old.

Good luck in school.

........ Nut
I have a 1980 corvette and at first i was running premium gas and I saw a slight difference but not enough to warrant the higher price ...it's good to run a higher grade gas but not necessary unless you getting pinging...
Save money, tune to the moon

It was different when you could buy 100 octane waaaayyy back in the old days. Those times were great (or so I imagine). Nowadays, your best bet is to break out a timing light and tune that Vette. Hot Rod magazine did a tune-up on an old Ford and found over twenty horsepower on the floor. All it took was time and a little work. Free horses are always better!--Bullitt
nutmegbronze81 said:
Remember when they called it High Test?

Bob, remember the old joke about, question: "where ya been", answer: "down at the station pumpin' Ethyl". ;)

Dbl Meaning


Back East that had a Double Meaning :D "Ethyl" definitely dates us. Take care. See ya in March '02.

......... Nut
Re: Dbl Meaning

nutmegbronze81 said:
...that had a Double Meaning

I guess I gotta brush up on my sentence structure or something. That's what I was referring to Bob. ;)

Hey nutmeg I bet you even know what the difference is between Sunoco 190 vs 260


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