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Long Tube headers


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Dec 11, 2001
Suffolk, VA
Red 96 LT4 coupe
New owner of a 96 LT4, and I want to put long tube headers and flowmasters on my car, which is going to be catalytic converter delete (I always gut them anyway). I know Doug Rippie offers them, does anyone else? If anyone knows how hard they are going to be to put on , please let me know. I can do simple bolt-ons, but fabricating stuff and cutting things to make it fit is not my style.
I am going to go with either TPIS or Lingenfelter for my build up I think Rob. I'm not sure if I'm gonna run a cat or not yet, but there is nothing wrong with using them nowadays. Random Technology for one has a very good high flow/low restriction converter that many people swear by. It's possible for clean-air technology and good old-fashioned hot rodding to co-exist. ;)

_ken :w
Long Headers

I too want a set of long tube headers and random or car-sound cat's and a Power Effects cat back or a B&B cat back. My question is, is there enough pipe on the front of the cat back to cut off so a muffler shop can fab a new pipe to connect to the cat's? I was looking at the stock exhaust on my 1996 LT4 Coupe and the pictures of the new systems I want and it looks like the right side will have a VERY sharp bend to connect to the cat.
Thanks Louis
1996 LT4 6 Speed Torch Red Coupe
Re: Long Headers

Louis Bartay said:
...a Power Effects cat back or a B&B cat back. My question is, is there enough pipe on the front of the cat back to cut off so a muffler shop can fab a new pipe to connect to the cat's?

I don't understand your question Louis, maybe you can re-phrase it somehow?

The term "cat-back" refers to the exhaust system from the catalytic converter, back to the rear of the car. ;)

_ken :w

Power Effects and B&B both offer cat-back exhaust systems that are direct replacements for the LT4. No cutting or welding required. If your wanting to keep the cat's there should be no problem.


Welcome to the CACC.:) I havent looked into aftermarket cat's, or removing them all together, but dont forget about the two O2 sensors. If your going to remove the cat's your going to have to put some O2 simulators on the sensors to keep them from giving you a service engine light.

Long Headers

Ken, I was told if you use long tube headers and Random Tech Cat's the longer tube headers will be positioned farther back and a aftermarket cat back system will not bolt up. So you will have to cut off some of the pipe on the front of the cat back so it will connect to the cat's that are farther back because of the longer Long Tube headers. I have seen a set of Shortie tubes (Hooker) with Random cat's and the Power Effects cat back just bolted on but if you use the Long Tube Headers and Random Cat's the front pipes on the cat back are too long now. Is there a different brand of high flow cat's that are shorter for a 1996 LT4 ZF 6 Speed???
Thanks Louis
P.S. Look at a picture of a cat back for the 1996 LT4 and you will see the passenger side front pipe that bolts to the cat is curved and not too long. HELP
Sorry Louis, Jason will have to take over here. The later systems I am unfamiliar with. :(

However, I'd still use the "Power Effects". ;)

_ken :w
Louis, one thing to keep in mind about the LT4's exhaust system is that it's identical to the LT1 system. If you see an aftermarket system for the LT1 that works with long tube headers, it'll work on the LT4.

I think that if you want to use long tube headers and keep the cat's you are going to have to do some cutting on any exhaust system you pick up. If you delete the cat's and use long tube headers, I think you will be good to go.

Hope this answers your question.

pipes won't fit?

No problem. Take it to a good muffler shop and they can add flanges, flares, more pipe, whatever it takes to make it fit. You will not find a system like you are talking about that bolts right up. I installed Hooker Shorty headers on my car. I wanted to do away with the cats, but didn,t want to gut them (have you checked the price of stock cats lately?) so I bought a pair of used cats from a salvage yard took them to my muffler shop and said replace the cats with a staight pipe. The guy said no prob. If you are familiar with the later model cats, they are two different lengths and the left side has two 3 bolt flanges and the right side has 1 flange and the other end is a slip fit. He used the ends from the old cats and fabricated a large diameter straight pipe from the headers to the Flowmaster cat-back. No problem, sounds great, runs even better.
Long headers and cats

The muffler shops here in Ft. Worth WILL NOT gut or replace with a straight pipe(the cat's) as it is not legal. I have tried three shops.So now I want my Lt4 to be able to pass Texas State Inspection (emmisons test)I just wanted to see if any other 1996 LT4 owners have spent this much money to have Long tube headers and Random tech. cats installed only to find out that it won't work.The passenger side pipe that bolts to the cat is VERY short (compaired to the drivers side) the resonator( I guess )could be moved farther back to make room for the long tubes and cats and the right side pipe at the front of the cat back system.( Not sure) Hate to cut up a New Power Effects cat back system and find out the resonator needs to be where it is because of clearence problems.(Transmission or??). I have been told to just use the short headers and everything will just bolt on. But if there is some one out there who has used Long headers and cat's PLEASE advise what or where you cut the cat back at.
1996 LT4 Coupe 6 Speed
Email labartay@swbell.net
P.S. to vets vette did the muffler shop do this to your vette with Long Tube headers and Cat's???? Look at the length of the pipes from the front of the resonator on the cat back system(passenger side) and you will see what I am worried about.The drivers side has plenty of pipe to cut off in front of the cat back sysem but not the passenger.
The Random Tech Bullit cats will bolt up to long tube headers such as TPIS or Hooker, etc...they have a 3" inlet and 3" outlet. The TPIS long tube headers use a 3" collector, the Random Tech cats can be welded straight to them or you can put a little space between the collector and the cat. And you can run a cat-back system from these as well...I run a Corsa system, mine are in the process of being installed and welded up. The Corsa system is a 2.5" pipe so a slight fabrication was needed to go from the 3" outlet on the Random Tech cat to the 2.5" pipe of the Corsa system...but nothing that a semi-competent exhaust shop can't handle. Here are some pics of the Random Tech cats, they will give you an idea of how small they are...



Thanks for the information, let us know when you complete the exhaust change. Please take some pictures of what the muffler shop does to connect the cat back system to the Random cat's with the Long tube headers. I hope you have the engine Dyno Tested before and after so we can see how much H.P. gain for the money spent.
Best Regards
Long tube Headers for a LT4

What brand and model # long tube ceramic coated headers
are you using on your 96 Corvette LT4?

Also, did you use O2 Simulators to defeat the service engine light?
Finally snagged myself a set of long tube headers, after a long search. I plan on using

1. hedman long tube headers with summit collectors behind them (with O2 sensor bungs welded in) 3in to 3in

2. Random Tech bullet series cats 3inch to 3 inch

3. Reducing pipes after the cats to 2.5 inch and leading to a dr. gas x pipe (tandem style) http://www.drgas.com/photos.html which will be located in place of the resonator from my current flowmaster exhaust

4. 2.5 inch pipe leading to the mufflers I already have on.

I'm going to order a pair of O2 sims and use them on my currect setup, to make sure I will not have to weld 2 additional O2 sensors in after the cats, since I plan on gutting them and just replacing them when it comes time for inspection.

I don't see any snags at the moment. Hopefully the car gods will be with me on installation day. Luckily I have access to a lift.
Trance, good luck with your install.
Let us know how it goes.

I ended up with Hooker Super Comp 2149, ceramic coated,
no cats, welded to existing Borla exhaust. Next year I will
rework exhaust like yours.

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