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Looking for 69-70 Need opinions



I've always wanted to restore a 69 or 70. I'm not looking to spend a lot of $ on the initial investment and am looking for something that basiclly runs (maybe not well) and has little to no body damage (in need of a paint job maybe but not wrecked). Now my question is how much do you think I should be able to get in for. (I'd love to stay under $5000) Am I fooling myself?

I plan to take my time and slowly restore it. Not looking for matching #s necessiarly. I've searched the net and found the prices vary quite a bit. I know this is a bit of a open ended question but I'd appreciate any help.

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I'm looking for a chrome bumper car my self. I've found a few that are under 3K but they dont have a motor, which is ok, cause I have a 454 to drop in it. From what I have seen a car in the condition you are discribing should fit under your 5k cap. I found a good prospect in a '69 that was only a few hours away from me, but after talking to some people I decided not to attempt the '68 or '69 model year's. It seems that those two years are rather unique, and they dont share many parts with diffrient model years. So, I'm looking for a '70-'74.

P.S. Welcome aboard! If you have any more questions feel free to ask. There are a lot of very knowlageable people on this sight.
In my opinion, I believe you'd have to spend at least 10-12k for a 69/70 coupe in # 3 codition on a scale of 5, with most original components. A convertible in the same condition would probably cost 5k more.
Sean, Take a look at http://www.traderonline.com. You will be amazed at what you can find under 5K. But be aware a picture can make anything look good, or at least better then it really is. Main thing is check the frame for rust, mainly from the front of the back wheels back, but also in between the #1 and #2 body mounts. Twiget, The 69's are OK especially the late 69's, but the 68's are a bird of it's own.......Good luck on your search.....OH, Yes this is for coupes only. if you find a convertable for under 10K it will need alot.......Steve

cant bellieve what i sean went to your add above 72 vette chicago 1,100 dollars 350 numbers match red thats unreal and blew me out of the water have to go to the bank and draw out so american deneroes or is the buckaroes or cash thats it cash. see yah later dudes
Yes I also saw that numbers matching vette for $1,100. Guess what? Read in the text and it's $11,000. Much more realastic. You have to be careful on autotrader. Many times people will make a typo (most of the time) or sometimes intentaily lower the price just so you will get to see their ad. Why? I don't know. If I'm searching for a $3000-5000 car then I'm certianly not going to give a $11,000 car a second look. Even if it is beautiful.

If your not familar with C3s i would try to to get some one who is to look at the cars. You can spend a lot of money on things you never figured on repairing or replacing. Be sure to check the frames for rust or a poor repair job.I also check the windshield pillars for rust. If you can run water over each pillar and you get a wet carpet you will have rusty pillars, could be a very costly fix. GOOD LUCK!

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