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Looking for a Rear end


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Oct 26, 2008
66 Roadster Glen Green/Saddle
Hello, Bonjour, and Good Afternoon,

Day 6 I thought you would be tired of looking at my car's rear end.

Picture taken in Nice, France on Corvette Vagabond 's European Tour.
Well I found the problem. Failed bearing of pinion gear or Posi Unit its self. The pinion gear was able to move forward hitting Posi causing damage and pieces breaking off.

The fact that I was only going 10 mph saved my car from extensive damage had it let go at 70 mph. Nothing left to do but replace the unit. I will be looking to put a 3:36 in instead of the current 3:70 which is more inline with my high speed driving on highways in the US and Europe.

Thanks for coming along. I will keep you posted on further work on car as I put it back together.

Talked with Gary Ramadie, looks like I need a donor rear end.

If you have and don't need that rear end that is in the corner of the garage , send me a PM

Any GM / Corvette rear 71-79 3:08 to 3:70 ratio in OK to Good shape.



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New Units



Taking out bolts caps off but that will not help take out Posi

Pieces of Posi

Time to replace the unit, here is bearing difficult to see but a mess


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