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Looking for Duct Assembly



I am trying to find the ducting that goes to the air cleaner. I have seen a ducting system, actually they came with the car, that has two hoses coming out of the air cleaner houseing.

One hose goes directly to a piece mounted on top of the radiator frame and the other (if you are sitting in the drivers seat) goes to some kind of chamber on the right. I managed to get the piece that mounts to the radiator frame but need the ducting, the chamber, and the cleaner assembly that goes on top of the quad. I saw a 78 with this same setup and figured that my 79 at one point had it to.

I could not find the cleaner housing in the ecklers catalog, just the duct that connects the pieces.

Does anybody know where i can purchase these components?
It would be greatly appreciated!

air cleaner pieces

Check for "used parts" in the Corvette Portal. There are several dealers listed. You should be able to find all of the pieces in good shape used.


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