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Looking for production information


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Jun 20, 2001
Valrico, Fl.
1969 Triple Black Convertible: 2014 Crys Red Conv
While doing some work under the car ('69) I thought I'd look up the rear end numbers. I have a stamp code of 1AP12269. As I understand it this would be a 411 built on Jan. 22, 1969. My question is: How can I find out how many 350/350 4sp. 411's were built in '69?

Thanks, Rick
Could you tell me exactly where to look for the rearend number, a picture would be very helpful.

Good luck in your search

To find my numbers was a little easy. I was in the process of removing the trailing arms, which is almost everthing in the rear. But once I had removed the rear spring, the casting numbers were on the diff. in front of the spring. It might be possible to see them without removing the spring. Look between the spring and the diff. cover. It is stamped on the diff. not the cover. I had to use a wire brush to knock off the rust, but it was easy. Good luck with your numbers.
Does anyone think that GM would somehow have this information???

Rick, GM never kept that info. At least they say they didn't. Chuck

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