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Looking to pick up some Zaino...........but...


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Dec 6, 2000
Bradenton, FL
'90 ZR-1 #3010
which one do I order?? I don't think I need all 13 treatments that their website lists. Also, is www.zianobros.com the cheapest place to get it from?? Thanks..........

I recently bought and tried Zaino and, like you, wasn't sure just what I should buy. After reading and re-reading all the information on Zaino that I could find, I ended up ordering the clay bar, Z1 (pre-polish), Z5 (for light scratches), Z2 (polish), and Z6 (detailing spray). I used them all in the right order and think it's a great product line. My Corvette has never looked better!!

I don't know of anywhere else to buy Zaino except from their web site or through a Zaino distributor. I've never seen their products in any store.

Good luck...I know you'll be happy with it!


I to have converted to this product.
Great results.
Minimum of Z-1, then the Z-5, then the Z-2, and you must have the Z-6 for touch up's.

Eckler's sells the Zaino line, but at a slightly higher price.

e-mail Sal Zaino off his website and ask for the nearest authorized distributer near you.
My .02 Worth!

Also, you should get some Z16 for the tires and Leather cleaner and Leather conditioner. They all work very well also. If you're going to switch to Zaino .. may as well go all the way!

So now your shopping list is:

Z1, Z2, Z6, Z9, Z10, Z16 plus some Z7 car wash soap. They all work together and what the heck, except for the Z6 which you'll use after each wash, the rest will last for more than a year. The Z1 will last forever as you only require it once a year or less.

Have fun and only get what you need. The darn stuff does work real well.. I've heard about a few people who were not satisfied and hundreds who were. Personally, I think it is super fantastic.

What colour is your Zr1 and what shape is the paint?

Jay, I have some instructions and sheets of what each item is used for similar to what is on Sal's website .. If you'd like me to e-mail them to you just ask! Nothin in it for me other than to help out a fellow Vette enthusiast!

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