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loose rear end



I have a 1985 corvette that handles very bad on our bumpy country roads in the UK.

First I replaced all the shocks with new Koni adjustables which are set at their hardest position.

Second I have Adjusted the caster of the front wheels to 7 degrees.

These two changes made a big improvement to the handling but the car is still very tail happy.

The problem is hard to describe but this might help,

when the car is driven fast over bumpy roads and hump back bridges the back end tends to swing round to the right when the car is rising of the ground and when the suspension is bottoming out it will send you into a tank slapper as us bikers call it.
A few words to describe it might be, tail happy, loose back end, boaty.

The car has high mileage but is in good condition.

Has anybody out there got any ideas that could help me with this problem, they would be very much appreicated.

UK corvette owner.


Here are a few things to look into.
First the rear tie rod ends especialy the center where it bolts up to the differential cover. any looseness here lets the toe change under acceleration and deceleration. next thing would be the rubber bushings and finally the halfshaft ujoints as the half shafts are the upper control arms!

Bill C


There is a post on page (2) of the forum from Fred Porter, titled (1984 Vibrations over 65 on a smooth road) and it has a bunch of good ideas and trouble shooting ideas for you to try. Check it out and let us know how you make out.

Bill C

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