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Loud POP!


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Jul 5, 2004
So Cal
2004 Millenium Yellow Coupe
Lately I've noticed that my car is making an awful loud POP! The kicker is I notice it a couple of hours after driving it while it sits in my garage. It sounds like someone is shooting an old oil can with a high powered pellet gun. I will hear it once, twice and occasionally a third time within a few minutes of each other. It's not like the normal exhaust cooling crackle and pop, I mean it is pretty loud. Am I freaking out or has anyone else heard this?:W ;shrug
Hm, Are there any driving problems with the car???
Do you smell anything after your shut the car down????
Do you smell anything first thing in the morning before you start the car??
Allthebest, c4c5
No driving issues whatsoever and no abnormal smells before or after driving it. What's really strange is every time I have heard it, it was an hour or two after driving it. Wierd huh?
I believe you may be having

Expansion/contraction issues with the body somewhere maybe, just a guess though on my part.

This from a Toyota Scion Tc forum,

agree that the body flexs slightly, which contirbutes to the hatch squeak, and also the roof pop. If the hatch isn't tight, it lets the rest of the body twist slightly.

I know the Scion Tc has had these issues, only it usually happens when one is driving along, they will encounter all of a sudden a loud pop.

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