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Low RPM Noise in 2002 Conv. (long)



Hey everyone, I just got 2002 convertible and, well, I have always driven a Silverado until about a week ago. Anyway, when I am in 1st gear in very low RPMs I hear a metallic-vibration noise until about 1k RPMs or so. Is this normal? I thought it had something to do with me not handling the clutch properly, but since then I've noticed it does it when I slow down to 5mph or so and speed back up. It is only apparent when I accelerate.

Of course, it could just be one of those strange high-performance noises I'm not accustomed to. hehe (see above about driving a truck all my life...)

Issue? Or Paranoia? The car drives great, just that background noise at low RPMs. Exhaust? Seems too high pitched to be exhaust. I dunno. Any clues?
Welcome to CACC. I don't think you have anything to worry about. There will be some noise especially when the car is cold. There will be others with more knowledge to explain exactly what you are hearing. Is it when the car is cold or all the time? Anyway, welcome and Happy New Year.:)
Supposedly, that's normal. My '99 6-speed hard top makes EXACTLY the same noise. I bought it six months ago, and heard the noise as soon as I got home with it. I took it to a dealer, and he replaced the throw-out bearing in the clutch, but that didn't fix it. He couldn't tell me anything else that would eliminate the sound. I am going to pick it up today from another dealer who looked it over and has told me that all C5's make that exact same noise when you accelerate at a low RPM.

I posted the same question on another corvette website and someone else that appears pretty knowledgeable replied and confirmed what this dealer has told me. He said that the video that came with the car also mentions this noise and says it's ok, although I didn't get the video because I bought the car used.

I know how you feel. The sound is absolutely horrible. I live in a downtown area and I park in a parking garage, so I am always starting slow or driving slow and I hear that noise all the time. I can't believe GM would not try to fix that sound in its design. But I guess that's the way it goes.
Welcome to the forum, beowulf77 and raycdosu. :) I have an automatic and I haven't noticed any noise on mine...sorry I can't be of any help.

Just a suggestion, go find another six speed and drive it. Even a trip to an out of town dealer would ease your mind. Hope it's nothing to be concerened about. Later, Pete
Thanks everyone. I went to the dealer today and had a guy listen to it. He said that is common with the 6 speed. He mentioned that the SS Camaro has the same 6 speed (?!?) and makes the same noise. It is annoying though, but other than that the car rocks. =) Have a couple of small things that need fixed (seat belt locks when trying to put it on, and the rubber gasket is screwy on the passenger window) but I love it.
low rpm noise

My c5 has a growl at low rpm's . I was told it was tension pully?
Yeah I just watched the video tonight. They do mention it there. I suppose I should have watched that first.

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