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Low Temp. .Stat


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Nov 21, 2001
Bowling Green, KY, U.S.A.
1994 Arctic White Coupe
I am preparing to back flush my cooling system and I want to replace my thermostat when I do.

My '94 has the standard 193 degree stat.

I have seen that a cooler 160 degree stat is supposed to increase the efficiency of the engine.

As I understand it, the 193 degree stat is for the purpose of reducing emissions. That is not a problem where I live. However, and HERE IS MY QUESTION, will installing the lower temp. stat cause any kind of build up in any of the other systems related to the engine?

I'm not looking for any more horsepower, but if a lower operating temp. is good for the engine and may promote a longer life, I'm all for it.

I look forward to your experienced advice.

The engines are designed to operate at higher temperatures nowadays, and given the fact that many continue to give excellent servoce after hundreds of thousands of miles, the higher temps must not do too much harm. That is, as long as routine preventive maintenance is provided.

If you choose to utilize a lower temperature opening thermostat in your engine, go for it! There should be no harm done, and you might even squeeze in a few extra miles of longevity out of it. ;)

_ken :w
Hi Ken,

O.K., sounds like, "You are right if you do," AND "You are right if you don't."

Almost sounds like my wife when I ask her where she wants to eat. That's O.K., though; I love her too. :)

If you go with the 160 Tstat you will need some way to change the temps that your fans turn on. I'm running the 160 with the Hypertech Power Programmer+ and it seems to run at a steady 180 degrees under all conditions.

Go stock for now, the stat change will be no big deal later.. but that baby needs to run warm for now..later when you bolt your Hi-Po stuff on you can change it..

BTW you can drop 5 degrees if you clean out the front of the AC condenser.
( with compressed air..NO WATER opti-crap, danger!danger!)

Try that..your heater core guru speaks.....

vetsvette said:
If you go with the 160 Tstat you will need some way to change the temps that your fans turn on. I'm running the 160 with the Hypertech Power Programmer+ and it seems to run at a steady 180 degrees under all conditions.
That is strange. I have the hypertech chip, 160 stat and fan switch and mine stays right around 160. Did you change the fan switch too, Whitey?
It's HOT down here

I live in mid-Florida, lots of traffic and lots of stop-and-go.

I put the HyperTech 160 in my LT4 without messing with the fans and I usually stay within 180 and 200. So far, only once has it gone above 200 and the fans turned on.

If it stays below 200 then why have the fans on ???

I also have the Greenwood hood louvers installed which also provides an escape for the heat from the engine compartment. You can actually see the heat rising out of the louvers.
If you don't put in a cooler fan switch then you have wasted your time and money changeing your thermostat. All the thermostat does is open at a pre-determined temperature. It does NOTHING more to cool your engine. The fan switch, on the other hand, WILL cool your engine by turning on the fan when the engine gets over 160 and keeping it on until it cools to 160. This ain't rocket science guys.:hb
WATER cools the engine

Cute Drew, but not exactly correct. Water cools the engine. The radiator cools the water. And the FANS assist the radiator in cooling the water in extreme conditions. The FANS do not cool the engine.

The thermostat regulates the flow of water through the engine. A lower thermostat allows the flow of COOLING water through the engine at a lower temperature. The heat of the engine transfers to the water and the water transports this heat to the radiator and the radiator disipates the heat from the water, thus cooling the water.

The air flowing through the radiator is how it cools the water. In extreme conditions the air flow through the radiator may not be enough to keep up with the cooling process. This is where the fans come in. The fans come on to help increase the air flow through the radiator to cool the water.

Prior to installing my 160 my LT4 usually ran about 230 to 240. My preference is that anything under 200 is ideal.

I do agree that kicking the fans in at a lower temp would probably turn my current 180 to 200 range down to a 170 to 190 range.

However, in the conditions that I drive in, my fans would be turned on most of the time. My personal preference is to run as cool as I can without the fans.
And a foot note

The lower your thermostat temp the less time your water has to stay in the radiator to be cooled. So if you have a LOW temp stat you have to count on the air flow (at a standstill) that the fans provide.

During dirving.. the fans are a drop in the bucket as far as the total amount if air flow is concerned.

I know what you're saying Vigman.

In Florida I live 15 miles from work and it takes about 30 mins to drive that. I spend more than half that time stopped in traffic just idling.

And with that, in the hot sun, "parked" on hot pavement, I still stay below 200 without the fans.
Daddy says...

As the man kissing the beautiful woman said to the man kissing the cow. To each his own.

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