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Lowered Suspension


98BlackV ette

Hello out there. Does anyone have factory-lowered suspension? My early production 98 has the F45 (Real Time Damping) Option, which supposedly adjusts the suspension for different ride control options. I say supposedly because this particular car also has had the suspension lowered (as if these cars weren't low enough!)

This was fine with me, especially considering the rate of speed at which I typically corner, but now that I am getting ready to sell the car, I have a small problem.

I wanted to get the car checked out so the new owner would feel a little more comfortable buying a used car from a private seller. I went to a Chevy Dealer in Tampa that sells A LOT of Corvettes, and even allows the local Corvette Club to meet there, and (get this :eek) my car is too low for their lifts.

Has anyone else been turned away for service because their car is too low?

How much was it lowered? As far as being turned away for service, no. Should have been a few times. At one goodyear dealer the lift wasn't even close to being able to accommodate the car but they wanted to try anyway. They told me if I gave it a lot of gas it would only scrape a little but not get hung up. Honest. Could have been nasty. Your lucky the dealer noticed the height problem and refused to try to lift it.
With my side exhaust, I've even had trouble at Guldstrand's shop of all places, when they tried to get it on a lift. :eyerole

_ken :w
Now What?!

Thanks for the responses. How on earth am I going to get this car serviced?!

I have no idea how much the car was lowered. If stock height is around 3-3/4", then I guess mine is lower by 1-1/4". It's just over 2" from the bottom of the front grill...forget the rubber spoilers...I purchased replacement sets from Ecklers and plan to use as necessary!

Now I have to carry wood?

This could get strange. I'll have to start carrying my own wood with me to service centers...:)

Did I say I was selling this car? Sheesh...with all of these issues, I hope I can find someone who is willing to put up with all of the "quirks" to own a gorgeous black, chromed out '98...kind of like having a pretty girlfriend...you have to put up with some "stuff" but the flip side is worth it!!

Does anyone know if this lowering issue extends to the 2002 Z06? I hope I don't have to go through with this again....

Hi there,
Well, honestly, I always have a set of loading ramps at my shop, due to the fact that most of c5 at my dealership for service are lowered.
For a post lift, I use 4 pieces, in foot long sections, of 2x10
For a drive on, 2 pieces at 4 ft long, of 2x10
As for your trim height, it sounds to me like they cut the bushing in the front.
If that is the case, you will have to replace them to raise the car to the correct trim height.
We do not measure from the frame, we use ball joint to the lower control arm pivot measurement.
If they are still unable to serve you, please let me know, and I can refer you to someone who can.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb
Thanks again C4C5...

I am taking my car to a Corvette specialist in Lutz (close to Tampa), Florida. If there is anyone on the forum who knows Steve Kline, he's the Tech.

I will let everyone know the outcome, and if I would recommend him to Forum members.

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