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LS6 ist kaputt!



I haven't been around for over the past year due to lots of travel and my LS6 blowing up on me. It's a long story, so I won't bore everyone with the details. I last reported that I had supercharged the engine and everything was great. That lasted until Aug 22 of last year. Here it is now Oct 06 and my car may be back on the street next week. The moral of this story, make sure if you supercharge that your installer/tuner knows what he or she is doing. They also need to make sure that there's an additional fuel adder on your system for higher RPM ranges. The shop that did my work didn't know and didn't install the fuel adder. If not, the engine will lean out at the higher RPMs and over time it will finally give up the ghost. Mine lasted about 700 miles after the supercharger was installed. We were able to salvage one head, the crank, cam, rockers, lifters, springs, 5 intake valves, and a couple of miscellaneous covers. The moral of this story: power doesn't come cheap!


Sorry to hear about that. What are your plans now?

The car is currently undergoing tuning with a new 408 C.I. (6.7L) engine (formerly a GMC LQ9 6.0L truck engine) with lower compression, forged components, and all parts set up for supercharging. I'm going to stay with the ATI D-1SC, but the engine is built and set up this time to handle supercharging.

This ought to be fun. :) :) :)

Thanks for asking.


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Sweet, yes should be fun. If I was in your shoes, I would go the exact same route. Keep us all informed on the progress.

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