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LT-1 Registry and Personalized Tags


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Apr 23, 2001
Charlotte, NC
1972 LT-1 Convrt Met Burgandy
Hi Everyone, :w
I wanted to thank Rob for providing the LT-1 Registry with a Forum all its own. This has a great potential for getting questions and answers for LT-1 owners as well as Corvette owners of the 1968 - 1980 varieties.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to visit and post and comment on the problems and concerns and interests of and for LT-1 owners and fans.


We've had over 800 visitors since the opening and we now have 42 LT-1's registered along with 17 members!
Just a few thousand more LT-1 s and we are done! :eyerole

The other part of this post is for Personalized tags (ON CORVETTES)

I will have a Personalized Tag page for "Corvettes Only" linked to the LT-1 Registry site, for everyone to visit. Just send me a decent picture of your tag along with what it "says" :TALK (in case its not to obvious) and I will be HAPPY to post it.

Larry (Gus)


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