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LT-4, motor and trans out, what now?


Jul 2, 2016
Las Vegas
1996 Polo Green LT4 6 Speed
LT-4, very low mileage, spun bearing WHY?

Turns out my cyl. 1 noise was rod bearing. We pulled the motor and trans (cuz you have too). Car only has 57k miles, so its strange, but now im going to rebuild the motor and put a new clutch in while the trans is out.

It has excellent oil pressure, and I only run Castrol Synthetic, so im puzzled! Would a higher volume pump be a good idea? Was this an issue on these motors?

If I remember right the dual mass delete is as simple as getting LT-1 Camaro clutch parts correct?

Im going to go with bigger cam and long tubes, but I dont want to go crazy, so thats about it besides the obvious (for me), new pistons and rings (11:1 most likely), valve springs, seals and all new gaskets. The crank is likely turnable, so ill keep it and the rods since both are forged in these no?

Is it still a good idea to get rid of the sodium valves even if they look fine?
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