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Lt1 engine upgrade



I have been giving some consideration to upgrading my LT 1 engine in my 1993 convertible in the near future. Has anyone installed an engine from the newer C5 generation vettes into a C4. Is it possible to make an easy, direct "bolt up" or are there expensive or extensive modifications that have to be made? How about suggestions or other ideas for upgrading to an LT 4 or some other engine made for older Vettes?
Keep your LT-1 and spend the money on a good set of heads and cam. Agostino Racing Engines makes a great heads and cam combo, this is what I will be upgrading to (stage II).

You can spend $2000 for a LT4 upgrade package and only gain roughly 40 HP unless you are talking about installing a complete LT4 motor. I don't even want to guess at the cost of buying and installing an LS1. :( And only gain 40-50 HP.

The LT-1 has many options...how much do you want to spend?

Heads/cam, Supercharger, 383 stroker motor, Nitrous, etc...

I'm with Tim on this one. I would keep the LT-1. It would be a lot easier to build it up than to install an LS-1


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