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Luggage Room



On the later model sharks, the window extended to the rear, and on some, open.

What year did this start?
Piet ~ Welcome to the Corvette Action Center Community ~

The first of the big back windows came in 1978 and ran through the end of the Shark production 1982. The Collectors Edition in 1982 was the only "Factory Installed" open up style back window.

Check out the Specifications pages and you can see the photo's and the factory specs for each model year.

Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride ;)
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Rare81 said:
The Collectors Edition in 1982 was the only "Factory Installed" open up style back window.

Aftermarket availability?
I've seen a few, but, as time passes they are far and few. The company that made them has long since gone out of business. If you find a wrecked 1982 Collectors Edition that is in tack from the passagers compartment back you could remove it and install it on one.

There was a real sweet 1982 Black with the factory CE back window at NCM Rendezvous last year.. I finally had to ask the guy HOW.. and he said it was from a wrecked CE..

Also "Nut" has a 1981 with a CE style back window in his, but Nut's Corvette is a ONE OF KIND.. Special Spec 1981 Only one known to exist.. his rear window is not a factory type rear window..

I assume that with or without the opening window, you have a wee bit o' luggage room.

This is not so with the older sharks, correct?
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That's a great looking family in your profile photo! :upthumbs
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Thanks, I like them ;-)

I want to teach the boys some auto,
What better project than a 'vette.

My first 'car' was a 1951 GMC 1/2 ton
Put on a '77 camaro front clip and rear axle.
Dropped it, put in a 283, racing 3 speed.
High rise manifold, blah, blah, blah.

Learned lots! Want to teach the boys some.

Make Learning Fun ! ;-)
:w Welcome Aboard

Correct, there is a fair amount of room in the 78-82 rear hatch. About enough to stow the T-Tops:eyerole
But then again I didn't buy it for storage:_rock
Good Luck in the hunt!
There's plenty of room!

I'm a furniture mover's daughter, so I can usually get whatever I purchase to fit inside! However, I do take the size of the vehicle into consideration while shopping.

With nothing in the back, I can get almost 4 pieces of luggage to fit.
(two large, one medium and one small)
...AND the passenger has nothing on their lap or under their legs!
A great help are the two side mirrors when I load the vette this way! :L

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